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Recruitment positions
1. Product/Process Engineer (2 people)
Job responsibilities:
(1) Prepare process documents for the product, and do a good job in filing and archiving process technical data;
(2) Guide and supervise the production line to promptly solve technical problems that arise during production, and do a good job in process technology services;
(3) Organize relevant personnel to do a good job in process management and supervise the implementation of process discipline;
(4) Organize and lead the experimental research work of new processes and technologies, summarize and evaluate the results of process testing topics, and organize the promotion and application;
(5) Actively carry out technical research and improvement work, sign opinions on technical improvement plans and measures, and continuously improve the level of process technology;
(6) Excellent undergraduate or graduate degree in electronics, software, mechatronics, automation related majors;
2. Software Engineer (2 people)
Job responsibilities:
(1) Responsible for embedded software for new development projects (mainly based on ARM Development and design of FPGA and DSP;
(2) Design test cases and conduct software debugging tests;
(3) Expand and develop application design based on project requirements;
(4) Excellent undergraduate or graduate degree in electronics/software related majors;
3. Electrical engineers (3 people)
Job responsibilities:
(1) Responsible for the hardware design of various development projects, including circuit principles, printed circuit boards, and the design of various functional modules;
(2) Complete hardware products that meet functional performance requirements and quality standards according to the plan;
(3) Based on the detailed product design report, complete the circuit principle design that meets the functional and performance requirements;
(4) Provide production guidance process documents based on technical schematics and customer requirements;
(5) Proficient in using protel Allegro, PAD and other drawing software;
(6) Excellent undergraduate or graduate degree in related fields such as electronics, automation, mechatronics, etc;
4. Mechanical Design Engineer (3 people)
Job responsibilities:
(1) Product structure design, mechanical parts and components design, proficient in using ProE Mechanical drawing software such as AutoCad and Solidworks;
(2) Collaborate with electrical, software, and electronic engineers to complete product design;
(3) Organize technical literature and write technical documents;
(4) Bachelor's degree or above, majoring in mechanical design, automation, electromechanical integration, etc;
5. Management trainees/interns/trainees (5 people)
Job responsibilities:
1. Attend the company's free training courses to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry by learning necessary industry knowledge;
2. According to the positions arranged by the company, complete the work tasks of each position;
3. Timely report work progress to superiors in charge;
We not only provide job opportunities, but also a platform!
The company will provide advanced training and promotion training opportunities free of charge;
The company will provide a training and development platform that combines attractiveness and challenge, helping employees quickly integrate into the company team and fully utilize their high quality and professional level;
Based on the results of performance evaluation, the company arranges guidance suitable for the development of employees with excellent performance, helping them to continue their development


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